Is your staff capable of maintaining the equipment running your plant? Are your supervisors capable of managing and building lasting maintenance teams? Industrial Diagnostics provides customized training programs delivered by leaders in the field.
Preventative Maintenance (PM) - What does PM service really mean? To most companies this means checking and/or changing the following common parameters on a monthly, quarterly, or annual basis. At Industrial Diagnostics Industrial Diagnostics, we encourage training our customers to perform more frequent monitoring per manufacturers recommendations. In today's fast paced market, it is difficult for all companies to keep up with daily and weekly equipment monitoring between outsourced PM service visits. We offer wired and wireless systems to provide real time data regarding your equipment. These control systems monitor your equipment and provide you with call alerts before failures occur.
Common Compressor System Parameters:
  • Oil and air temperatures
  • Line pressure and pressure drop across elements
  • Motor temperature
  • Incoming voltage
  • Amp draw
  • Vibration
  • Dew point
  • ... etc ...
Repair Service - Has your equipment shutdown? Fill out the form on our Schedule a Repair page or call us. We troubleshoot the equipment problem over the phone for FREE. If outsourced onsite repair is necessary, we have the largest staff of factory-certified technicians available for a scheduled visit.
The Industrial Diagnostics Team
Emergency Service - When your equipment is causing you lost production and you need qualified help over the phone or onsite us! If we can't help you, we will offer the number of someone else to put your equipment back into service quickly.


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